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Learning Journeys // new feature 

Key Person 
Each child is assigned a key member of staff when joining the group. This staff member will take responsibility for getting to know your child and help them to settle in. The key person list is on display in the cloakroom area. You can speak to your child’s key person about any issues you may need resolving or if you have questions regarding your child’s development. An opportunity to discuss your child’s progress more formally arises at our parents evening which is held around Easter.


At Little Village Learners we are always assessing our practice and looking at how we can improve.

We have recently reviewed the way in which we produce learning journals for each child within our setting. These are made up of the information, observations and photos that the team gather for each child. All of this information helps us to assess the children’s learning and development and plan appropriately for each child. Traditionally these individual records have been collected in scrapbooks or binders, building up a treasured memoir that children can take with them when they leave for the next stages of their journey through life.

We started to look at how technology can help us to reduce our paperwork and discovered a system designed by Early Years Foundation Forum called Tapestry.

Tapestry is an online learning journal. This system is hosted in the UK on secure servers. Each Tapestry account has its own database and the code itself is developed using hack-resistant techniques.

We will now, with the use of iPads/tablets, be able to instantly produce the information we require to support each child. Each observation we make will be done directly onto the secure database via the Tapestry App and linked into your child’s personal profile. These observations can include notes, photographs and EYFS assessments, characteristics of learning and videos. They can be enhanced by comments from other staff and parents, and each page appears in a pleasing and coherent way. You will be able to view the complete set of observations as a learning journey, flipping through your single child's observation pages, in time-order, or filtering in flexible ways to access your favourite records. Bookmark your favourites for quick access. 

Each child's journey can have individual accounts set up for parents and relatives to access. Parents can comment on new entries and even add their own. We thought that this part of the program was particularly good, especially from a communication and partnership working perspective. You would always be able to access what you child had been doing at nursery. You will, in the coming months receive details of how you can log in to see your child’s Tapestry. 

Once the staff have consolidated their knowledge of how the system works we will send you a personal PIN to log in and you will also begin to receive automatic emails generated for parents when new entries are made. These records will also help us make assessments of your children to ensure their learning and development is being met correctly. 

Then finally, when your child is ready to leave or move to their next journey, we will convert to PDF and save on a memory stick or you may wish to print a hardcopy. 

Tapestry is GDPR compliant. Please complete the consent form attached to say you agree for us to set up a Tapestry account for your child.

In order for your child’s Learning Journey to be shared in line with safeguarding procedures, please give us permission by completing the attached slip and return it.

Download your Tapestry permission slip here

find link direct to the tapestry website here


Home observations help us to build a ‘well rounded’ picture of your child’s interests and ability. We can use them in our planning to enhance learning and can put them into your child’s learning journey. Home observations can tell us many things, for example, your child’s favourite bedtime story, or what they built with Lego.

Home Observations

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