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Meet the Staff


All staff at the nursery have been carefully selected, not only for their qualifications and experience but also, for their personality and dedication to the care and well being of each child. 


We are staffed with full/part time child care professionals who are qualified to NVQ level 2 or three. Some of our long term members of staff are NVQ level 4, 5, Early Years Education (BA) and Early Years Teacher (EYP). We invest in our staff to help them reach their full potential. All staff are first aid qualified, to ensure health and safety at all times and have undergone a DBS security check.

Staff ratio's


Ratios are constantly checked and kept throughout the day to ensure your child receives the most attention and care. We ensure, at all times, that we never fall below the required ratios. There is a contingency plan in place for staff sickness and holidays.  

0-1yrs 1 adult 3 children 

1-2yrs 1 adult 3 children 

2-3yrs 1 adult 4 children

3-8yrs 1 adult 8 children

For our Early Years Teacher, with the support of another member of staff, the ratio is 2: 26 children or, on her own 1: 13 children. Staffing ratios are kept fully in accordance with national standards of highly qualified staff to children.

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