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Room Leader




Meals and Snacks 

Breakfast is served for all children arriving before 8.30am, a morning snack and drink is offered around 10.00am. 


Lunchtime is 11.20am 

Children can bring a packed lunch which should be placed on the blue lunchbox trolley in the corridor or alternatively we can provide a hot meal with dessert for £2 a day. 

An afternoon snack and drink is offered around 2.15pm. 


Tea is provided by the setting at 4.30pm. 


A four week rolling menu is displayed in the main corridor displaying both the lunch and tea time menus. If paying for lunches (or fees) by cash, please ensure you take the money to the office in a sealed envelope, clearly labelled with your child’s name and what the cash is for. 


Sleep and Rest 

Daytime naps are offered from 12noon – 1.30pm. 

Please send bedding (bottom sheet, blanket and comforters) in a bag weekly, and place it on your child’s coat hook. 


Nappies and Wipes 

Please send these weekly, each child has a basket in the bathroom which needs replenishing. Please let us know of any creams your child needs. 


Spare Clothes 

Please ensure there is bag on your child’s coat hook which contains spare clothes for all eventualities. 


Daily Records 

You will be given a summary of your child’s care on a daily record sheet. Once your child is secure in toileting, and can tell you themselves what they have enjoyed during the day, you will no longer get a paper slip but will receive a verbal handover from the staff (usually around 3 years old).





The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum has 7 areas of learning…. 


Personal Social & Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication & Language Development, Mathematical Development, Understanding the World Expressive Art & Design 

Literacy Development...


Children learn through play in the following

areas of the room: 

Home Corner Playdough Table Sand & Water 

Painting & Drawing Table Books & Puppets Jigsaws 

Small World (cars, animals & people) Construction (Blocks & Bricks) 

Adults also lead play and interaction in small groups and at carpet time sessions with singing, stories and games. 

Outdoor Play 

We have bikes, construction, balls, a mud kitchen and a large climbing frame and slide. we are lucky to have continuous outdoor play areas with direct access from the pre-school room where children can enjoy. We also play out the front a few times a week and go on local walks and visit the library.

Seasonal activities: 

Nativity Concert, Summer Leavers Presentation, Forest School, Active Sport and regular Jo Jingles sessions.


Observation &


Children are observed weekly and their progress is recorded using our new app "Tapestry", this is a online Learning Journey. We have an annual Parent’s Evening in April. All two year olds receive a written progress report and we work alongside Health Visitors to ensure all children are achieving their milestones. 

When your child is ready to move to school, we pass on information to their new teacher. Parents are encouraged to share their child’s development with their Key adult verbally and on home observation sheets.


Meet the Staff 

A well-qualified and experienced team of staff work in the Playroom. Their photos can be seen in the external corridor or on the staff page.


The staff ratios for this room are as follows: 

2 year olds: 1 staff member for every 4 children. 

3 & 4 year olds: 1 staff member for every 8 children or 1:13 where a staff member holds a Level 6 Qualification or above. 


Children are separated into age groups 2-3 and 3-4 for age appropriate activities and also have play times together too.


Pip Daniels is the Room Leader; she works 4.5 days a week and has achieved her BA Honours. Pip is also the Duty Manager in the absence of Penny & Lyndsey. 


Lyndsey Kata is the Advisory Early Years Teacher who works 4 days a week throughout the setting, supporting teaching, learning and assessment. Lyndsey is also the Deputy Manager.. 


Melanie McClement is a Level 5 Senior Practitioner and works 4 days a week. 


Louise, Holly, Jenny, Jenna and Stella are our caring and experienced Level 3 Practitioners.  Beth is our Level 2 nursery Practitioner.  Diane is our Level 7 SEN Support and Emma is the SEN Assistant and also studying Level 2.  Shaneah is our apprentice who works with us 4 days.  


Our whole setting is managed by Penny Daniels and we have an ‘open door’ policy. If you have any issues you wish to discuss, please just call into the office to see Penny or Lyndsey (Deputy Manager). Also working in the office as administrator is Dawn, who has previously worked as a School Administrator. 

All sessions and fees are in our Welcome Pack. You will find this downloadable directly from our website on the parents page

If you need any more assistance please contact us via 01422 882226.

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