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Little Village Learners and Fun Track O.O.S.C. is a registered charity run by a management committee of volunteers.

The management committee is voted in each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and must have at least five members, with three of those members taking the officer roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. You are entitled to, and very much encouraged to, attend and vote at the AGM if you have a child at the setting.

What does the management committee do?

The management committee manage the setting and are answerable to Ofsted and ensure compliance with all Ofsted guidance. They are responsible for hiring and appraising staff and manage the budget. The Committee are not involved in the general day to day running of the setting, which is the responsibility of the Manager and her team.

How does the management committee run?

The Committee have a constitution, which is a set of rules that are followed, and are members of the Pre-school Learning Alliance who provide guidance.

Who can join the management committee?

Anyone with an interest in the setting – such as a parent, guardian, grandparent.

How much time is required?

We hold a management committee meeting every 6 weeks, which we like as many members as possible to attend. We are flexible on times and dates to allow for the best attendance.

What do I need to know before I register my interest in joining the management committee?

• It is mandatory for all members of the management committee to undergo a police check and provide all the necessary details to obtain an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate.

• Ofsted will also assess if you are a suitable person to form part of the registered person for the pre-school.

• You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and declare any conflicts of interest when you join the management committee.

How can being part of the management committee benefit me?

• As part of the management committee you help shape and secure the future of the pre-school.

• You play an active role in supporting the local community – because of YOU volunteering our staff are employed and our children are educated.

• The role is a great asset for your CV, with many skills you can develop or enhance.

Your current management committee

Chair: Lisa Thwaites

Secretary: Natalie Kata

Treasurer: Dave Thwaites


Trustees: Sharon Greenwood,

Lyndsey Kata, Natalie Kata,

David Thwaites, Lisa Thwaites

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Charity No, 1036601

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